Every modern vehicle is equipped as standard with an electronic engine management system, which covers all relevant Functions of the engine are controlled and egulated. This is done by measuring by sensors and sensors, all relevant Data, such as Pressures, temperatures, speeds, but also ambient temperature, such as outside temperature, Record and evaluate engine, oil and coolant temperature. The heart of the electronic engine management system is the Motor control unit, which is stored in a special chip, contains all factory-fed data, this with the detected Data compares and balances. On the basis of the determined data and measurements and depending on the factory specifications all engine functions controlled.

In chip tuning now these calculations of the engine control unit are optimized according to the latest findings, i. all relevant Data such as Injection time and quantity, ignition timing, boost pressure control and torque and others are first recorded and evaluated and then changed so that the maximum power and the maximum torque taking into account the
Longevity of the engine and the lowest fuel consumption in an optimal relationship to each other. This will be a Higher performance of the engine and a much higher torque curve achieved without the suitability for everyday use or life of the engine Motors are affected.

If you are interested, please send us the data of your vehicle: Brand, Model, with year of construction and the chassis number by E-mail and we will make you a concrete offer.