The air conditioning in the car is not maintenance-free. You lose in one year up to 15% refrigerant, the loss must be balanced to ensure the full functioning of the system.
The air service includes:

Function test before and after the air conditioning maintenance
Exchange and complete filling of the refrigerant
(Not included if necessary replace the cabin air filter in the price

AC-Service costs

Air service € 59.50 inc. Tax(50.-€ with Vat-Form)
Incl. Refrigerant replacement and leak test for
R 134a (excluding idle system)
Air conditioning disinfect € 19.90 inc Tax(16,72,€ with Vat-Form)
Spray disinfectant in recirculation mode

Why does my air conditioner be serviced?

Annually lost up to 15 percent of the refrigerant through the compressor hoses and connection elements. If this refrigerant loss Duch not compensated regular air conditioning maintenance, your system must support greater loads.

So too little refrigerant leads to insufficient cooling in the vehicle interior, and – since the refrigerant for lubrication of moving parts makes – also long term damage to your system components.

How often should an air conditioning maintenance?

The loss of refrigerant on various factors – such as the age of the plant and of its useful life – dependent. We recommend an air conditioning maintenance every 2 years, which is usually sufficient.