Braking and braking performance guarantee for your safety and that of others. The brakes in your car wear out with each braking operation. therefore:
A regular brake testing increases the safety in traffic. Leave them to their safety check their brakes regularly.

To our brake test is:

  • Visual inspection of the brake system
  • Check the brake fluid with regard to capacity, water content and boiling point
  • Check the brake pads and discs
  • Verification of the brake hoses
  • If necessary. electronic diagnostics

In addition, we also provide you with the following services at reasonable prices as part of our brake services:

  • Brake Fluid Change
  • Replacing the brake pads
  • Replacing the brake discs

What signs indicate defects in the brake?

The first indications of problems or defects in the brakes you will even notice if you are a bit of attention. Grinding noises or the pulsation of the brake pedal or flutter in the steering wheel while braking, can mean, for example, that you should let go the brakes soon.

If you have small cracks or other defects on the disc (the disc should the whole area have a uniform contact pattern) or discover the stopping distance should increase noticeably, it is already high time for a brake test.

It gets particularly critical but if you do not clearly feel the braking point, the brake pedal is so “spongy“ feel. If this is the case, the braking force can be distributed very unevenly and break out the car when braking even from the track.

The brake fluid should be bright yellow in general. Is it honey to amber, you should let them go.