The most common cause of auto glass damage is stonechip: A tiny pebble (eg loose chippings) is thrown from the vehicle ahead and hits the windshield. Due to the high impact velocity creates a small crater or fracture in the disc, which is often difficult to recognize.
If the hole is not repaired early, the damage can expand forever. The plate is subjected to large stresses: temperature fluctuations, vibrations and other factors put to her. Penetrates too much air and moisture into the damaged area, a matte surface can occur. If the damage in the peripheral zone of the disk, there is a risk that it tears to the edge. The disc loses its stability and its load-bearing function for the body.

The following conditions apply for a successful immediate stonechip repair:

  • The repair should be carried out promptly after such damage. When moisture and dirt are visible already penetrated into the disc, this leads to a negative result repair.
  • It can only damage the disc outer surface to be repaired. The inner pane and the intermediate plastic film must not have any damage. Scratches and tiny glass outbreaks caused by the impact of fine sand particles, can not be eliminated by the method, in which case the windshield must be replaced.
  • The crater of the impact site must not be greater than 5 mm.
  • The stones must not in the marginal zone of the disk are (= 10 cm from the edge of the glass).
  • In the so-called driver’s field of vision no remote repair must be carried out according to Road Traffic Regulation. This field is defined as a 29 cm wide strip from the center toward the steering wheel. Up and down it is limited by the wiper box.

A repair is considered successful if 70% of the damage location is optically resolved.

For heavier damage from stone chipping or wear of the surface sometimes is only a replacement of the damaged disc into consideration.

If a repair her washer is not possible. We will exchange their disc of profesionel.