For a long engine life and reduced fuel consumption, we recommend a regular annual oil change.

Engine oil is the lifeblood of the engine. It lubricates and protects your engine, increasing its life and gives your car thus optimum engine and driving performance. Therefore, it should be replaced regularly as part of an oil change.

What with us for an oil change that includes:

  • Drain the used oil
  • Replace oil filter
  • Replace sealing rings
  • Fill fresh oil
  • Dispose of used oil environmentally friendly
  • Reset oil change interval display

Oil change costs

Oil change is not the same oil change. We use only approved brand oil with manufacturer share, we would also use our own cars.We point the shared fixed oils, then you decide on the oil used and therefore the price. In the long run the better choice!Prices vary depending on vehicle type and according to the necessary amount of oil.

Liter prices of various types of oil */included labour :

  • 10w40 from 9.4 o € inc tax/ 7,90 taxfree
  • 5W40 from € 13.14 inc tax/ 11,05 taxfree
  • 5W20 from € 16.39 inc tax/ 13,78 taxfree
  • 5w30 from 13,99 inc tax/ 11,76 taxfree
  • 0W30 from 24.64/ 20,71 taxfree
    * The manufacturer’s instructions must be followed

You can also deliver your own oil, then we charge 20.- € taxfree. 25.-€ when a cover removal is needed.

How often should an oil change be made?

Usually change the oil once a year is mandatory Experts consider. Drive very much, it is advisable to change the oil more frequently, each of about 15 000 km. The use of long-life oil should be changed every 20000-30000 km or every two years is enough.