Exhaust service

The exhaust of your car reduces noise and environmental pollution and protects you against toxic fumes. Faulty installation, but you and others at risk. Let’s check the exhaust regularly!

The tube visible at the rear of her car, only the last part of the exhaust system. In fact, an exhaust consists of many different components: the exhaust manifold, the so-called Y-pipe, the catalytic converter and up to three silencers.

During each trip, these are extreme thermal stress. Variations in temperature from hot exhaust gases and ambient temperatures, but also salt and wet, put the exhaust system. So it is no wonder that relatively quickly form holes, loosen parts or even rusts through.

The last Silencer – Silencer called – is most often broken: In about 90% of all damage to the exhaust, he is the one who needs to be replaced.

Our Exhaust Repair umfast following services:

  • Visual inspection of the exhaust system
  • Expansion of worn parts, such as the muffler
  • Expert installation of replacement parts in original equipment (eg mufflers and / or accessories such as rubber suspension, clamps, exhaust sleeves, etc.)
  • Safety check for leaks and proper fit
  • Disposal of old parts

How will I know that the exhaust is broken?

The exhaust system is already badly damaged, you will usually notice a much louder exhaust noise or rattle. Also that a vehicle can not get the best performance and more fuel consumed, is not uncommon.

Advisable to let check the exhaust regularly would. We accept the love for you. Because if you already noticed the defect, can not be lost to components long it takes.